NON-TYPE is the latest creation in the long history of design and fashion for its two founding members Gareth Moody and George Gorrow. The line is a morphing of genres, a modernist non-seasonal, non-trend focused ready to wear men's collection. NON-TYPE suggests no fixed genre, and a non-type rating, an open door with a license to roam across all aspects and fields of apparel, not limited to fashion and lifestyle but equally comfortable, touching on the premium surf world.


Quote, D.A.Levy
Image, Garry Heery
Image, Jack Bailey
3/4 Raglan t ( cotton waffle ) 33g
Stone, Sydney, Dobroyd Head
Non-type blazer ( leather ) 4a
Non-type installation, featured book, Gary Heery
Non-type installation, works by, Gary Heery & Jack Bailey
Non-type Store, featured work by, Jack Bailey
Image, Garry Heery
Image, Jack Bailey